OK so my son is very fragile. I am not kidding. The kid rolled over on a carpet and snapped his arm in half when he was 3. So when he came up to us and asked if we could sign him up for a school skiing trip we almost DIED laughing.




Are you kidding Robert???





Nope he wasn’t. We told him up and down over and over and over again we didn’t think it was a good idea. You will break your leg. You will break your arm. You will get a concussion. We tried EVERYTHING. NOPE he wanted to go. He is in 8th grade after all.




OK kid here is $90 have fun!





I had to have him at the school on a Saturday at 6am. That was fun. He didn’t come strolling in till 615pm later that night. We took off to a friends house for dinner. He started off his conversation with “Mama here is $5 if you don’t tell nanny what I am about to tell you. I don’t want her to say told ya so.” 5 BUCKS?! Heck yes. He told me he fell and the ski patrol said he had a little sprain in his wrist and sent him back out there. They said he couldn’t have got hurt to much since you know, he wasn’t actually skiing at this point, he was LEARNING. Yes Learning. So anyway whatever you’re OK kid.




Next morning it’s still sore, nothing he can’t handle but I figure maybe we should get an x-ray. Off to the pediatrician on a Sunday morning (totally what I wanted to do.)





He ended up with this….










A nice blue cast. Why? because he has a bowed compound fracture.





Only my kid.





OH and in case you are wondering, I had to tell my mom since ya know it is broken. I kept the $5.

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  1. Brittany M Says:

    I feel your pain, my daughter is probably made of glass. She can get hurt sitting in a chair. Nice blue case though :-)

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Dated: 3rd March 2014
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